I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. I work with clients from a relational perspective to break old patterns of thinking and behavior that are often ingrained and have become habitual and unfulfilling. These faulty ways of thinking and behaving often result in nonproductive and sometimes destructive patterns of relating to ourselves and our partners, as well as the way we operate in the world. I work with my clients to create a new narrative for themselves and to move forward in their lives with integrity.

Addiction Counseling

Every individual is unique, so my way of working with each person who presents with substance use issues is co-created. Not everyone with a substance use problem is addicted. One thing that is the same is that the people who come into my office looking for answers or solutions to patterns of unproductive substance use have an attachment to the substance or the idea they have of themselves in relation to the substance. My goal is to create a safe space within which individuals can get honest with themselves and with me, without feeling judged or controlled. I work with each individual to uncover what they think is keeping them attached, and what they might be using the substance to replace.

I also offer counseling, education and psychotherapy to couples and families of individuals with addiction issues. I am also available to discuss intervention strategies when appropriate.

Group Therapy

I facilitate ongoing psychotherapy groups using a combination of cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic theories to uncover unproductive relationship patterns and develop healthy strategies to change behaviors.


I provide supervision to health care professionals, including but not limited to individuals working toward CASAC certification or re-credentialing, and LCSW licensing. In addition to the supervisory education and training I received at the masters and doctoral level, in 2015 I completed a 20 hour Clinical Supervision Course at the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey.